Hello, Through the pages of this website you will find information relating to St. Mary's High School (SSC) ? Mazagaon, Mumbai.

St. Mary's (SSC) is a premier Jesuit education institution with over 70 years of history of imparting quality education to young boys during their formative years.  It boasts of an illustrate alumni of students and staff.
We invite you to run through these pages to have a look at our school. It offers something for Marian in your different roles of student, ex student, parent, and staff. Through this site you will get information, history and relive memories.

We look forward to your active involvement through your regular visits to this site as well as informing your friends and acquaintances, who you are aware are associated with St. Mary's (SSC) to visit this site. We also encourage you to stay in contact with the school through the email provided. If you wish to send in your contribution of material for this site please feel free to drop us a line.

And without holding you back from going forth.. Hurrah we are St. Mary's Boys!!!
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